How To Pass A Kidney Stone – Natural Home Remedy

The painful process involved to pass a kidney stone can be partially relieved by following the necessary steps and even partaking of a home remedy. Since these stones are formed by different substances that you eat, your diet needs to be watched. The calcium, derivatives of amino acids or insoluble salts will form the kidney stones.

One home remedy that can help some people is combining one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil. Drink it quickly and follow with a glass of water. As predicted, the oil will cause the kidney stone to become a bit more slippery and may possibly ease some of the pain. It will aid in your efforts to pass a kidney stone

Although to pass a kidney stone is extremely painful, it is a lot less so than having to undergo surgery to remove the kidney stone. It is important to avoid caffeine in coffee or soft drinks as it has a tendency to lessen urination and that is not what you want.

If your pain persists or increases you will need to notify your doctor. No progress with your effort to pass a kidney stone is not good. Strain your urine through a coffee filter to catch the stone or stones as they pass. If they do not pass they may have already blocked a part of your urinary system or caused an infection.

That is when the pain will increase and your physician needs to be notified that the kidney stones have not passed.

There are other ways of passing a kidney stone without the help of extreme medications, but you may need some relief for the extreme pain that is caused. You need your rest and you need to consume your fluids. The fluids will help the stone pass and the sooner the kidney stone is gone the better you will feel.

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